High Immersive Visualization and Simulation in the OP 2000 – Operating Room of the Future

G. Graschew, T.A. Roelofs, S. Rakowsky, and P.M. Schlag (Germany)


Virtual reality in medicine, highimmersive visualization, simulation of surgical procedures, training of surgical interventions.


OP2000 is a concept of the future of surgery, where new technologies are optimized and used in the clinical routine. This paper presents one of the key modules of the concept OP2000: simulation and visualization for the training of surgical procedures in a high immersive, virtual environment. The main parts of this module are: the Surgical Table, which is an enhanced, high immersive workbench projection, specially designed for the simulation of surgical interventions; 3-dimensional reconstruction of radiological patient data. Work in progress involves the implementation of haptic feedback devices.

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