Rapid Hand Gesture Detection for Human Computer Interface

B. Fröba and C. Küblbeck (Germany)


Gesture Recognition, Hand Segmentation, RealTime Vi sion


In this paper we describe our work in progress on a novel approach to real time hand gesture detection in arbitrary grey level video streams and it’s application to a human computer interface. The hand gestures used here con sist of simple pointing gestures to move a mouse pointer and gestures to emulate click operations and releasing the mouse pointer. A detection algorithm is designed for rapid hand-background segmentation which applies a hierarchi cal edge orientation matching. Motion adaptive temporal filtering is used to smoothen the pointing trajectories. The algorithm runs in real-time on a standard computer (Pen tium III 700MHz) where it takes only 0.02 sec to process a single frame. We also report first experiences with the algorithm on controlling a virtual mirror application.

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