The Accessing and Playing of Multimedia Stream of Uncompressed Digital Playing System

Lixin Ding


Uncompressed digital playing, Multithread, Parallel I/O,Multimedia Processing


With the high-speed development of storage technology, compression technology, and network, the digital playing system will consequentially replace the traditional analog playing system. The uncompressed digital playing system overcomes the faults of the traditional analog playing system and the compressed digital playing system. It must realize a series of automatic function. Besides these, some of the most important performances that the uncompressed digital playing system must meet are no frame-lost, no dark field, and partitioning by frame in playing. In this paper an access algorithm called MPDIO is put forward. Its design, realization and analysis are described in detail. The test results indicate that this algorithm can perfectly not only meet the performance requirements but also improve the use factor of disk I/O channel, reduce the load of CPU, which provide a basic for right working of the uncompressed digital playing system. Further more, the MPDIO algorithm can also meet the requirements of HDTV in the future.

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