Reliable Multicast based on k-Connected Graph

C.-Y. Lin, S.-Y. Kuo, and D.S.L. Wei (Taiwan)


Reliable Multicast, Fault-Tolerance, k-Connected Graph, Spanning Tree, Recovery Time, Reconfiguration


Reliable multicast communication is very important to many emerging applications on Internet. Most of the existing multicast techniques are explicitly or implicitly based on a spanning tree to maintain the multicast group membership or to route the packets. The problem of the spanning tree is that a single point of failure may occur. Therefore the spanning tree is partitioned into several disconnected parts and makes a large number of hosts unreachable. In this paper, we propose a reliable multicast scheme based on the flooding algorithm and the k connected graph topology. Our scheme provides the ability to tolerate k - 1 link and/or node faults and uses minimum redundant resources. For our approach, efficiency and robustness are tradable by setting the connectivity k of the underlying propagation topology. The recovery time is extremely small, and no fault detection and reconfiguration scheme is needed.

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