A Control Scheme of Distributed Forwarding Engines in MPLS LER System

H.-J. Yun, J.-H. Lee, and Y.-K. Lee (Korea)


MPLS, Multiple Forwarding Engines, VC Merging, LER


For the development of MPLS LER system based on ACE2000 ATM switch, MPLS Interface Module for supporting MPLS services has 622Mbps high performance IP forwarding engines and VC merging controllers. The Multiple IP forwarding engines and VC merging controllers have capability of high-speed IP packet handling, address lookup, and channel lookup for VC merging. To transfer packets to peer LSR or Router through LSPs or IPOA PVCs, forwarding engines must get the forwarding database based on destination IP address and VC-merging controllers must get the connection database based on channel information for LSPs or IPOA PVCs. In this paper, we introduce the architecture of MPLS Connection Controller in MPLS LER based on ACE2000 ATM switching system. We also describe the procedures of the forwarding database and the connection database generation in MPLS Connection Controller of MPLS LER system.

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