Design of Shared Object Model on the Peer-to-peer Network

Y.-J. Park and J.-H. Lee (Korea)


Peer to Peer, Distributed ObjectManagement, Framework Techniques, Object RequestBroker


In this paper, the types and managing methods of shared data are varying due to the characteristics of P2P environment, the models with reliability, expendability and interoperability are needed. Therefore, this study suggests a P2P Application Network based on Shared Object Model, which is a method to make the most use of P2P Computing and to solve problems which existing systems have. In the suggested P2P Application Framework based on the Shared Object Model, resources are managed though the shared object class called SOC(Shared Object Class) as one object, so various types of application and management are available. And by improving the expendability and interoperability of the P2P environment, it can be used in expanded fields including an information system in a company.

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