User-oriented QoS Control Methods for Distributed Multimedia Systems

Y. Kato, T. Sasaki, and K. Hakozaki (Japan)


Quality of Service, Distributed multimedia systems, Usersatisfaction, The Internet.


As a large number of distributed multimedia systems are deployed in computer networks, Quality of Service (QoS) for an application has become more important. This paper defines it as application-level QoS, and proposes the application QoS Management System (QMS). Its control targets are application QoSes and it controls the QoSes according to the system environment. This paper especially focuses on the method detecting QoS degradation and proposes three types of the detection methods. In addition, we implemented these methods on a prototype system in our laboratories and conducted the experiment using the prototype system. As a result, we found out that these methods made it possible to detect QoS degradation felt by end users.

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