OCTOPUS: A Middleware for Multimedia Communication

C.H. Zhang, T.K. Chin, K.Y. Koh, G.M. Ong, C.H. Peng, H.K. Pung, and S.-W. Suthon (Singapore)


Multimedia Communication Systems,Multimedia Networking.


The current trend in the increase of network bandwidth has not been matched by the rate at which applications are developed. By using the basic set of socket APIs, a programmer requires much time and effort to design and deploy solutions for multimedia communications. The OCTOPUS Architecture is designed to provide a middleware level support for audio and video services in the Internet. The main strength of OCTOPUS Architecture is its segregation of the control and management of connection, membership, quality of service and streams. Existing middleware designed for multimedia communication lacks support for dynamic swapping of protocol stacks and QoS support. In this paper, we describe the architecture of OCTOPUS, and the design and development of key components. These key components facilitate the development effort of multimedia streaming applications, providing dynamic protocol swapping and QoS support in these applications.

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