An Image Transformation Method for Reading Comics on Cellular Phones

M. Yamada, K. Amano, and S. Miyazaki (Japan)


layout analysis, comic imageprocessing, 2D computer graphics, cellular phoneprogramming.


Comics are one of reading matters. A page consists of frames. An image of one page is too big to read it on the mobile computer, e.g. PDA, cellular phones. Because the display size of these computer is small and its resolution is low. So, we must divide a page image into some smaller images. In this paper, we describe a division method of comic images. This method divides a comic image into frame images and generates a sequence of the frame images. Next we describe a method of detecting speech words, separating them from a drawing image and making them into a sequence. Next, we describe a method of vectorizing drawing images. This method vectorizes strokes and painted areas. Next, a method of rendering strokes and painted areas from vector data on cellular phones is described.

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