An Interactive Training System for Morse Code Users

L.-Y. Chuang, C.-H. Yang, C.-H. Yang, and S.-L. Lin (Taiwan)


Morse code, Assistive technology (AT), Keyboard emulation, Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).


Morse code has been shown to be a valuable tool in assistive technology, augmentative and alternative communication, rehabilitation, and education, as well as adapted computer access methods via special software programs, hardware devices, and switches. In this study, we designed and implemented an interactive multimedia Morse code typing training system for persons with disabilities, which include three types of switches, a single switch, a double switch, and six switches, with three adaptive recognition methods. After practicing on the proposed system repeatedly, three people with disabilities were able to familiarize themselves with Morse code operation. Experimental results showed that participants improved in both the speed variation coefficient and ratio variation coefficient for entry of keystroke input to the computer.

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