Interworking of Distributed Object Systems using a Soap Bridge

S.E. Park, S.W. Kim, and Y.K. Lee (Korea)


SOAP, SOAP Bridge, Distributed Object System, CORBA, XML


Distributed applications based on standards such as CORBA, DCOM, and EJB have been widely used in distributed environments. Recently, another XML-based standard, SOAP, has been recommended for web applications. To reduce the time and effort to develop and update distributed objects, it is desirable if an application of a platform can access objects of other platforms at run time. In this case, we need a bridge which maps formats between them since an application cannot access objects of other platforms directly. In this paper, we design and implement a SOAP bridge which maps formats between SOAP and CORBA at run time. Through performance experiments, we show that the computing overhead is very small compared to the whole transaction execution time. Therefore, distributed objects of other platforms can be reused instead of newly developing based on SOAP. Also, using the SOAP bridge, we design and implement an XML-based bidding system on the web. Because it is based on the web standards such as XML schema, XSL, XML signature, DOM, and SOAP, it has advantages such as extendibility and interoperability compared to previous proprietary electronic commerce systems.

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