Web and Accounting Data System in Industrial Simulation

E.R. Lopes, M. Costa, J.C. Metr?lho, and A. Guerra (Portugal)


MRPII, ERP, Accounting System, Web, ASP


Accounting processes are typically far from web technologies. Only Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) [1][2][3] includes on the overall system this facilities. Other systems, such as Manufacturing Resources Planning (MRPII) [4] used to manage accounting and productions do not include this facility. With this project we aim to provide a web application to perform calculation of the profit margins obtained with each product. A better interface between accounting users and offices will be achieved using this application. The former method used to perform the referred tasks was replaced by an application developed in using SQL Server [5], Informix [6], Access [7] and using the web technologies [8] ASP [8], Html and Java Script [9][10]. The developed application offers a vast set of advantages: it allows the simulation of costs and prices and a faster comparative analysis, accumulating the advantages of being a decentralized application as an addendum to the enterprise MRPII system.

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