Supply Chain Management: Reorganisation of Logistics Processes Through the Creation of Transparent Structures

J. Braun (Germany)


Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Information System (SCIS), multi-stage supply chains, Internet tool, material requirements planning, forecasting.


Tapping into rationalisation potentials requires a greater focus on customer-supplier relationship. Problems lie in the lack of clarity of both inventory data and delivery deadlines. Results are not only high inventories in the supply chain, but also a risk of insufficient supply, inadequate response to short-term changes and late recognition of supply bottlenecks. To support the exchange of information in the supply chain, IPA developed the Supply Chain Information System (SCIS), an Internet tool based on Java for multi-stage supply chains. The goal of this paper is to show the importance that this Information System has in creating transparency throughout the whole logistics chain. With SCIS, each partner in the Supply Chain can independently carry out data analyses on a regular basis. Moreover, deadlines and quantities between companies can be controlled, enabling the precise and systematic co-ordination of contingency plans.

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