Integrating Web-based Information Systems: WWW and the Functional Model

F. Dotsika and A. Watkins (UK)


Internet Architectures, Databases and the Web, Database Management Systems, Data Modelling, Database Integration


The aim of this paper is to broaden the integration of Web-based information systems by extending the interoperability between different database architectures to include the graph model. With XML showing the way to a new era of information exchange, leading software vendors and commercial enterprises are committed to it. Our approach extends its use by exploring the interoperability between relational and functional databases. Having assessed the suitability of the graph model for representing Web information, we establish the rules controlling the transfer from one model to the other, using XML as the common middleware. Starting with the basics of the database schema transformation, we investigate the inclusion of updates and queries, ascertain the framework that will enable this conversion and conclude with the consideration of user views issues and extensionally defined functions.

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