Account based Secure Electronic Check

W.Y. Xi, S.Y. Sung, and S.-U. Guan (Singapore)


Internet payment, E-commerce, Secure online transaction


Account Based Secure Electronic Check (ABSEC) is a simple and easy to use on-line check payment protocol mediated by a trusted third party such as a bank. Payment can be made through any computer connected to the Internet. For each check, ABSEC generates two random numbers, one for the check number and the other for a signature. These are stored in two separate individual accounts of the customer, thereby significantly improving the security of the system. With un-authorized access to information in only one account of a customer, an intruder will still not be able to use the funds. For customers’information and using only customers’ feedback, ABSEC also ranks merchants in terms of the quality of their services. For more reliable feedback and to avoid abuses, a customer is allowed only one evaluation of a merchant after a successful transaction with the respective merchant. The rankings are computed by making use of the complete history of customer feedback with more recent feedback having greater weightage.

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