Web-based Cooperative Work System and Service Web Site

E.R. Lee, J. Kim, D.M. Seol, and D. Kim (Korea)


collaboration, collaborative browsing, multimedia conferencing, data conferencing, hyperlink, Internet call center, CSCW


In this paper, we introduce PageTogether system in which Internet users can communicate with video/audio channels, navigate web pages simultaneously and cooperate for their work together. PageTogether system consists of three modules; 1) Collaborative Browsing Module, 2) Multimedia Conferencing Module and 3) Data Conferencing Module. These three modules are interconnected with using Multi-Protocol Interface, which combines ITU-T H.323 recommendation, ITU-T T.120 recommendation and our proprietary protocols into one unified system. We also implemented the PageTogether web site. In this site, an Internet user can write his expert knowledge or something of his interest. It is listed up in the web board. If a visitor clicks the link in the board, he can connect with the writer.

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