Corporative Collaborative Architecture based on Agents, Simple, Scalable, and Easily Administrable

Á. Rodríguez Moreda, L. Utrera Molina, E. Abril Domingo, and M. Lόpez Coronado (Spain)


Sharing Information, Collaborative layer, Agents,Corporativeadaptation.


This article presents a Corporate Network Architecture that integrates a collaborative-services layer highly adapted to the workgroups of the Organization. The Architecture achieves this goal by replicating a homogeneous atomic structure including communication equipments, network servers and clients. The collaborative layer is based on a set of start, presentation and ubiquity agents, which allow the interaction of all the elements working together to provide a particular profile of services to the final user. This layer requires low administrative efforts, because the model is simple, homogeneous and uses basically pre-existing tools in the Corporate Network. In addition, the centralized approach allows scalability, from the simple solution exposed in the present article to more complex solutions, but with expanded capabilities.

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