Interoperability Between Heterogeneous Data Sources: An XML Query based Approach

G. Nachouki and M. Quafafou (France)


Data sources, interoperability, XQuery language, middleware


This paper describes the design of a system, which facilitates Extracting, Interconnecting and Accessing Heterogeneous Data Sources. Our approach is based on XQuery language for querying heterogeneous data sources. Data sources can be static or active: static data sources include structured or semistructured data like databases, XML and HTML documents; active data sources include services which can be any executable program over an operating system such as C, C++ programs or Java classes. Users interact with the system using XQuery language. We have extended this language in order to call services. In this paper services are used in order to resolve conflicts between static data sources (e.g. naming conflicts, data representation conflicts, data scaling conflicts…) and to obtain an integrated view of data

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