Checklists as a Tool for Collecting Experience Knowledge

J.K. Kokkoniemi (Finland)


Organizational memory, softwareinspection, knowledge management.


Inspection as a formal way of reviewing has been accepted the most effective way of finding defects from software products. Use of checklists has been acknowledged as a vital part of these inspections. Although the main purpose of checklists is to help inspectors to find defects from inspected software products they can also be used as a part of organizational memory system. Checklists can act as an experience knowledge-collecting tool, experience knowledge transferring tool as well as a software process development tool. Several checklist-generating workshops have taken place in partner companies the main purpose of which has been to develop new checklists and to activate personnel to use them. This paper describes how checklists has been generated with regard to experiences and its use as an experience package. The paper also introduced a fresh approach to regarding organizational memory as an abstract concept.

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