Enabling Business Information and Knowledge Sharing

A. Salden and M. Kempen (The Netherlands)


Categorisation, Semantic Web, sustainability, knowledge management, collective intelligence.


In the future information society the need for sharing business information and knowledge will grow ever more rapidly. Innovative companies on the next generation Internet have to seamlessly communicate, compete and collaborate in order to create and offer new products and services. Innovation does not only come about by the mere integration of products or services. Organisations and IT systems of many companies have to interact also in order to produce differentiated product and service portfolios. We present a business categorisation system architecture and infrastructure that support such innovative business activities. It enables indexing, query interfacing, retrieval, association, (re)generation and (re)structuring of business cycles in accord with short and long term business goals and market trends. It is a business information and knowledge management (KM) system implemented as a sustainable collective intelligent agent system throughout all business layers.

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