Inforadar-CL: A Cross-lingual Information Discovery Tool Exploiting Automatic Document Categorization

J.E. Valiente-Fernandez and B.J. Velez-Rivera (Puerto Rico)


Internet Search Technologies, Information Retrieval, Crosslingual, Query Refinement, Interactive Query Hierarchies, Query Lookahead.


Today we face a fundamental problem in information retrieval. Multilingual information resources are becoming accessible throughout the world at an unprecedented rate. Although research has demonstrated that new algorithms and user interfaces are desirable to deal with the particularities of multilingual corpora, we are beginning to see effective results. Starting from our previous work on Inforadar, this paper describes the design of Inforadar-CL, a prototype search system supporting the anticipatory user interface supported by Inforadar, but redesigned to support multilingual queries and results. A selected collection of refined queries in different languages is displayed to the user as an interactive query hierarchy and multilingual documents are automatically classified using queries as categories.

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