Information and Knowledge Sharing in Higher Education Institutions using Internet Technologies

J.J.P.C. Rodrigues, M.M. Freire, and M.J. Barrulas (Portugal)


Knowledge and information sharing, Collaborative systems, Knowledge management, Knowledge tools, Intranet, Casestudy


This paper is about knowledge management in organizations and reports the results of a research project carried out in the Department of Informatics (Computer Science) of the University of Beira Interior – Portugal. The study aimed at to identify and to understand knowledge generation, knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing among the actors of a university department. Based upon the study findings, a knowledge management model aimed at to facilitate personal interaction and knowledge sharing within the department, is proposed. Two levels are considered in the proposed model: the organizational level and the application/technological level. At the organizational level, the knowledge management processes in the Department are studied. At the application level, a Knowledge Management System supported by appropriate information and communication technologies is developed.

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