Impacts of the Use of Information Technology in Supporting Remote Team Work: A Case Study

J.P. Albino (Brazil)


TI Impacts, Remote Work, Recommendations, Groupware


This work presents a study accomplished in FEA/USP on the use of Internet as a collaborative environment, describing the impacts that this kind of communication infrastructure causes to the work of physically distant people. To achieve this study it was proposed and structured a collaborative environment, using software tools available in Brazilian market and also a modified process of meeting, to support this work group configuration and the collaborative environment. Inherent questions to the work of physically separated groups were analysed, such as teamwork, communication, quality and efficiency in the performed discussions, people attitude towards information technology, besides satisfaction and use of information among the participants. Those study pointed out that Information Technology (IT) can contribute to the work process and the decision taking of a remote work group. However, some recommendations and suggestions are hereby presented and discussed for those organizations that intend to adopt this tool for the development of remote collaborative activities through Internet.

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