Inner Derivative Feedback for Enhancing the Damping of the Flexible Modes of Spacecraft

A.G. Sreenatha (USA)


Flexible Spacecraft, DerivativeFeedback, Inner Loop, SEPS


The design of attitude controller for a flexible spacecraft poses a number of challenges. One of them is the damping associated with the flexible appendages, which is practically negligible. The present work proposes an Inner Loop Derivative Feedback (ILDF) to enhance the damping associated with them. The derivative state is constructed through an estimator like transfer function, derived from the model of the spacecraft. The numerical example considered for the design is the Solar Electric Powered Spacecraft (SEPS). It is demonstrated that the damping associated with the flexible mode can be varied using this ILDF. A suitable attitude controller is synthesized for the artificially damped system using the H∞ approach. Simulation results are presented to demonstrate the utility of the methodology.

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