Control of Cursor Position in Computer Displays through Eye Movement using Neural Networks and Mathematical Algorithms

A. Molina, I. Monedero, C. León, I. Gómez, and J.M. Elena (Spain)


cursor position, mathematicalalgorithms, artificial neural network.


The aim of this paper is to present a system that allows to control the cursor position in a computer display through the human eye movements. The developed system uses a two-axis voltage measure obtained by an infrared light reflection procedure to determinate the cursor position into a computer display. Two approaches are compared, an algorithmic approach using polynomials and an artificial neural network (ANN) one. Because of the non-linear relation between voltage and cursor position, the use of an ANN is a good solution to solve this problem. An additional advantage of ANN is its incremented flexibility. Tests show that both methods obtain similar results.

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