Automated Network Management using a Hybrid Multi-Agent System

P. Vilà, J.L. Marzo, and A. Bueno (Spain)


Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Agents, Applications, Network Management, Resource Management.


In this paper, we present a system for dynamic network resource configuration in environments with bandwidth reservation and path restoration mechanisms. The objective is to avoid conflicts between the mechanisms that make changes over the same resources (i.e. bandwidth, restoration, and spare capacity planning) enabling its integration. The system is able to dynamically manage a logical network such as a Virtual Path network in ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) or a Label Switch Path network in MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching). This system has been designed to be modular in the sense that in can be activated or deactivated, and it can be applied only in a sub-network. The system design and implementation is based on a Multi-Agent System (MAS). This is an hybrid MAS where reactive agents take charge of monitoring and time-constrained decisions, and a more deliberative layer take care of situations that the reactive one cannot solve. We also include details of its architecture and implementation.

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