Reviewing the Use of Genetic Algorithms in a Real-Time Computer Game

J.H. Jo and T.-H. Ahn (Australia)


Genetic Algorithms, Computer Game, Problem Solving, Evolutionary Concepts


Results from the research on Design Problem Solving which used Genetic Algorithms (GAs) showed many promising aspects, as well as limitations, of the approach within a design domain [1][2]. This paper attempts to apply these concepts for a real-time computer game engine and appraise the features that appeared in design. Gameplay can be defined as a problem solving process, and will contribute to this research. A new model, known as the Evolutionary Intelligent Character (EIC) model, was created to examine the use of GAs to control game characters or to solve a problem in a real-time computer game [3]. The features, both benefits and limitations, which emerged in the design process, will be reviewed in a dynamic game environment.

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