Characteristics of Inversion Operator

U. Yoshinori, S. Akira, M. Masayuki, and N. Isami (Japan)


GA, Fuzzy Modeling.


A fuzzy graph can be used for Sociometry analysis for clarifying human relationship, a retrieval of the accident examples in the past time and a medical diagnosis is required high intelligibility in a process of an analysis. In this paper, we have proposed the method drawing a fuzzy graph for Sociometry analysis using as an example, GA with improved inversion crossover. รง For Sociometry analysis and case retrieval, because crossover not forming the lethal is required, we have proposed the improved inversion method improving the inversion crossover proposed by Holland. The improved inversion realizes a high efficiency at several times or even score of times the processing time of MPX and the normal inversion crossover. And the improved inversion crossover is comparable to performance in finding the best solutions observed from PMX and MPX. This paper describes Sociometry analysis, effective graphical representation method, and the result of these verifications.

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