Optimum Planning for Repetitive Cycles

A. Istanbouli and J.-C. Mangin (France)


building site, optimisation, geneticalgorithms, repetitive activities.


In multi-storey buildings, once the schedule had reached the typical floor, construction became a series of production cycles. A good planning of this type of construction depends on the rotation of formwork’s materials which is strongly linked to the plan of repetitive cycle. This plan is currently done by experienced engineers able to integrate multiple constraints to be taken into account. They iterate this operation until a satisfying solution is achieved without real possibility of optimisation. The creation of an assistance tool to optimise the plan of repetitive cycle taking into account varied criteria of evaluation and technical constraints of realisation should allow notable profits of productivity. A system of optimisation resting on genetic algorithms (GAs.) is proposed. The paper presents the system, details of the method, types of constraints, functions of evaluation and the modelling carried out for setting the structural works of GAs. Possible uses of the system on a real example (which the solution applied to the building site is known) will be presented

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