The Fuzzy Sets in Electrical Load Modelling

W. Zalewski (Poland)


Fuzzy set theory, Power distribution systems, Load modelling.


In distribution system, bus load estimation is complicated because system load is usually monitored at only a few points. As a rule receiving nodes are not equipped with stationary measuring instruments so measurements of loads are performed sporadically. In general, the only information commonly available regarding loads, other than major distribution substations and equipment installations, is billing cycle customer kWh consumption. In order to model system uncertainty, inexactness, and random nature of customers’ demand, a fuzzy system approach is proposed. This paper presents possibilities of application of the fuzzy set theory to electrical load estimation. Unreliable and inaccurate input data have been modelled by means of fuzzy numbers. A regression model, expressing the correlation between a substation peak load and a set of customer features (explanatory variables), existing in the substation population, is determined. Simulation studies have been performed to demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed scheme and an effect of different parameters on its accuracy on the basis of actual data obtained at distribution system substations.

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