A Digital Fuzzy Logic Package for Mathematica®

M.S. Stachowicz (USA)


Fuzzy Logic and Systems, Mathematica®, Fuzzy Logic Software


This paper describes a software which is used in many universities around the world. Fuzzy logic is a rapidly expanding field in today’s computer industry with new and exciting applications being developed all the time. Yet, even as the field has grown, some areas that need attention still remain. One of these areas is educational software. The goal of this project was to create a teaching aid to assist in learning the concepts of fuzzy logic and to help perform the basic, yet often tedious, calculations involved. Of special importance was the graphical representation needed to help the user visualize and better understand the operations in fuzzy logic. The Fuzzy Logic Package also needed to include the full range of fuzzy operators to insure completeness.The software package described above was written as an extension to the program Mathematica®. Mathematica® by itself is a valuable tool that can be used for numerical calculations, graphical representation of functions, symbolic calculations, and programming. The ease with which digital fuzzy sets and relations can be entered and manipulated makes this package an invaluable tool for anyone interested in studying or applying the techniques of fuzzy logic in digital image processing, clustering or more advanced fuzzy modeling.

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