Knowledge-based Human Resource Manager

G. Kimovski, V. Trajkovic, and D. Davcev (Macedonia)


Intelligent Information System, Human Resource Management, Knowledge Acquisition, Projectbased Learning and Education


Existing project management tools today focus on planning and monitoring particular projects and resources (workers) allocation and usage. Such tools do not provide means for sharing the project knowledge to the project workers on similar projects. On the other hand, those systems that deal with description and distribution of knowledge, like the document management systems or groupware systems do not provide complete functions for organisation and structuring of the knowledge in a project-specific way. In this study, a project management and resource sharing system, named Human Resource Manager, is described. It is used for supporting virtual student teams within Virtual University. We consider a project to be an assignment or a task that professor gives to the online students. We also provide means for generating a project-specific knowledge base with a project-specific organisation and structure (hierarchy). Finally, we have built a completely web-based interface for the users of the system offering online access from any place and at any time. The first experience in using our system was quite positive.

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