An Interactive Application for Knowledge Acquisition in Image Processing

Y. Saidali, E. Trupin, J. Labiche, N. Baudouin, and M. Holzem (France)


Image Processing Knowledge, Scenario, Interaction, XML


This paper presents ACTI VA, our interactive tool for knowledge acquisition. The aim of this appliance is to define operational means for identification, acquisition medelling and valorization of knowledge in an image interpretation context. Our pragmatic effort focused in one hand to consider the image as a privileged vector of information in a process of Computer-Human Interaction. In the other hand, we utilized a terminological approach based on expertises to extract knowledge units. Thanks to this linguistical analysis, we built a consensual model of scenario. And this common referential ended in the processing of an inter face for knowledge acquisition. We present in a conceptual point of view, the functionality of our device and the state of progress for every module. Finally, we give some perspectives of evolution.

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