Modular System for Process Monitoring

P. Potočnik, E. Govekar, and I. Grabec (Slovenia)


process monitoring, machine diagnostics, softwaretools, neural networks


A modular system for on-line process monitoring is designed as a software tool for intelligent diagnostics, monitoring and characterization of various machin ing processes. The system consists of modules for data acquisition, formation of a data base, data pre processing, feature extraction and feature selection, construction of a predictive model, and on-line ap plication of a model. for process monitoring. Mea surement modules and graphic user interfaces are im plemented in LabVIEW graphical programming lan guage and numerical calculations run on MATLAB server. The built-in tools include normalization, mu tual information based feature selection, principal components analysis, digital filters, spectral analy sis, custom MATLAB functions, and tools for con struction of neural network based experimental mod els.

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