Application of Stable Marriage Problem to Electronic Negotiation

A.R. Dani, A.K. Pujari, and V.P. Gulati (India)


Stable Marriage Problem, TaskAssignment, and Negotiation


The bargaining for prices or negotiations has always been a very common practice in traditional commerce. This process facilitates the interaction of the seller with the prospective buyers. Commercial transactions on the Internet have grown at an unprecedented rate in the last few years. Many researchers have attempted to develop systems that help the negotiation process in electronic commerce. The autonomous agents which facilitate negotiation process have been proposed. The negotiation process can be viewed as the process where a number of autonomous agents carry out different tasks, and hence the coordination and stability of the system becomes very critical. In this paper, we apply the concept of Stable Marriage problem to the negotiation process. An algorithm for task assignments between different agents that maintains the stability of the system has been presented.

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