Features Determination for an Automated System for ABR Signal Analysis

I. Wochlik, J. Bułka, A. Izworski, and R. Tadeusiewicz (Poland)


ABR Signals, Biomedical Engineering, SignalProcessing, Neural Networks


The paper presented below contains a study of an automated system for objective diagnosis of human auditory system, based on analysis of characteristic features of Auditory Brainstem Responses (ABR) potentials. The authors present selected aspects concerning the detection of these features and their further utilization in the diagnostic system. Particular attention has been focused on the detection of signal parameters, which are most essential for the diagnosis of the auditory system, i.e. the existence of waves I,II,III and their respective latency periods. These features have been used as input data for a specially constructed, dedicated artificial neural network, with the intended task of determining the patient’s audibility threshold. That network is an element of a future automated system for objective diagnosis of human auditory system.

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