Interchanging Agents and Humans in Problem Solving in the Area of the Medicine

V. Alves, A. Abelha, V. Ribeiro, and J. Machado (Portugal)


Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Agents, Decision Support Systems in Medicine.


There is some innovation in the process to set the fundamentals under which problem-solving via theorem-proving can benefit from the combination among agents and humans. Indeed, the specification, development and analysis of constructive, multiagent systems received a push with an human-in-the-loop, a consequence of a more appropriate agent oriented approach to problem solving in areas such as The Medicine, where more healthcare providers invest on computerized medical records, more clinical data is made accessible, and more clinical insights become available. This approach will be applied in the development of an agent-based Medical Diagnosis Systems in the area of Imagiology, where it is paramount the visualization and exploration of original DICOM data from, namely, CT and MR devices.

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