The Enterprise of Medicine Stock Taking in Healthcare through Virtual Marketplaces

L. Brito, P. Novais, É. Gomes, and J. Neves (Portugal)


Healthcare, Virtual Marketplaces, eCommerce, eProcurement, ContactNet Protocol, MultiAgent Systems.


The enterprise of The Medicine has become so large that it now consumes more national resources than any country is willing to bear. In spite of huge efforts to control its growth in consumption, the healthcare budget continues to expand. There is thus a social and economic imperative, coming from outside healthcare, that is intent on controlling its processes; i.e., the multitude of everyday tasks need to ensure coherence in the activities of such organizations, that proceed from either monitoring the status of such activities to gathering information relevant to the organization or from keeping everyone in the organization informed. On the other hand, the presence of the Digital Infosphere and the continuous growth of e-Commerce generated important shifts in the ways people and organizations get information and make decisions, which may lead to the creation of new infrastructures, standards and policies to enable machines to process the available data and/or knowledge, understand it, fuse it as needed, and engage in collaborative problem solving to support decision making. In this work this problem is put in the context of the goods available for sale or use by an healthcare organization, and accessed via virtual marketplaces.

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