Use of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Devices to Display Full Complex Fresnel Holograms

R. Tudela, E. Martín-Badosa, I. Labastida, S. Vallmitjana, I. Juvells, and A. Carnicer (Spain)


Holographic imaging, full complex modulation, liquid crystal devices, Fresnel holography.


We propose an implementation to display full complex information using two analogue ferroelectric liquid crystal spatial light modulators. These can work either in real-only or imaginary-only configurations. Thus, by splitting any complex function into its real and imaginary components and displaying them on two modulators, full complex modulation can be achieved by adding both distributions. As an example, we have computed Fresnel holograms in order to recover an object at a certain distance from the plane where the hologram is displayed. We have both performed some simulations taking into account the specifications of the modulators and carried out some optical experiments. The set-up makes use of the two panels and a polarizing beam-splitter to achieve the addition of the information displayed on each of them. The experimental results are in good agreement with simulations taking into account the limitations of the optical elements.

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