A Visualization Technique for Vector Field Representation by using 3D LIC with Opacity Expression

K. Sakai, K. Koyamada, K. Kamisawa, and A. Doi (Japan)


Vector field, Region of Interest, 3D-LIC, critical point


A large number of massive size of scientific data sets have been generated from scientific simulations as like computational fluid dynamics (CFD). It is a one of gigantic subjects that visualizing these scientific data sets to explore the novel scientific knowledge. And visual data mining has been attracted as the way of extracting the meaningful information from the massive data sets. And many researchers proposed their ideas and techniques [1]-[3]. On the other hands, there is no reality to visualize the given whole vector field. That is why we do not have the display without no limitation of the resolution and visualization engines that we can use ordinary and freely. And also, visualizing the uninterested region conceals the region of interest (ROI) with the aim of we should explore. It is the waste of resources for the knowledge exploring. Our aims of the present paper are expression of the feature and exploring the feature of the vector field such as vortex.

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