Dynamic Scheduling of Buses on a Corridor

B.R. Marwah, R. Parti, and G. Sayee Ram (India)


Scheduling, Bus, dynamic, simulation,passenger


A city bus route on a major corridor has problems of high variation in passenger demand, high desired frequency of bus movements and different patterns of passenger arrivals as bus stops. The system of fixed headway operation cannot handle the above complexities. This paper presents a model to improve the system operation by adopting dynamic scheduling of buses. The model simulates the flow of passengers at each stop and the movement of buses along the route. The model output is used for optimal design of the dynamic headway. The model is tested by simulating the circular bus transit on the Ring Road system of Delhi .A series of simulation experiments are made and the dynamic scheduling is designed for 121 bus trips during the day in each direction. Comparison of the proposed dynamic scheduling with the existing fixed scheduling clearly demonstrates that dynamic scheduling provides better level of service.

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