Kinematical Simulation of Tip Relieved Spur Gears to Compare Performance

C.A. Spitas, T.N. Costopoulos, and V.A. Spitas (Greece)


simulation, performance modeling, gears, tip relief, edge contact


Tooth edge contact is typically countered with the modification of the mating tooth profiles, usually in the form of tip relief. The current methodology for applying tip relief employs a linear and less frequently circular or parabolic thickness modification based on a statical criterion associating the tip thickness reduction with the operating transmission error at the design load. In this paper some typical modification solutions derived with this methodology are simulated kinematically. A new kinematical performance criterion is proposed and is used to evaluate and compare the performance of the simulated gears. Based on the results an improved modification solution is proposed using a recently introduced non conjugate contact theory to determine the mating gear profile for a desired kinematical response.

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