Distributed Object-oriented Simulation of Heterogeneous Communication Systems

U. Hatnik and S. Sawitzki (Germany)


MultiParadigm simulation, ObjectOriented Simulation, Communication Systems, Media Processing


A common scenario in media processing is that a media server is used to save and retrieve the data. For the processing, a data stream is sent to other (computing) servers which, once it is processed, can send it back to the media server or to the requesting client. In this case, the computing power of the media server is saved at the price of increased communication bandwidth. Simulation is inevitable for the effective development of such systems. Simulations and emulation techniques can be used to estimate the key parameters like required bandwidth, maximal amount of clients etc. at very early stages of the development [1]. Such estimates are especially important to ensure the quality of service, determine possible bottlenecks etc. This work presents a innovative concept for the coupling of different simulation tools which enables such simulations.

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