Impact of Errors on Inductance Estimation of the Induction Motor in Combined System of Vector Control

D. Vukadinovic and M. Smajo (Croatia)


Induction motor, Vector control, Steadystate characteristics, Simulation, Parameter sensitivity


To obtain the proper functioning of any system of induction motor vector control it is necessary to estimate its parameters with minimum error. This paper analyses the impact of estimation error of leakage inductance of stator, rotor and mutual inductance of induction motor on static characteristics of vector control combined system. With this system of vector control the control system is mathematically modelled in the co-ordinate system connected to the estimated vector of the rotor magnetic flux with external feedback based on estimated stator magnetic flux. The proposed combined system of induction motor vector control falls in the group of the so called control systems based on direct orientation of the magnetic field. These control systems are less sensitive to parameter changes than the systems based on indirect orientation of the magnetic field [1].

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