Interactive Comedy: Laughter as the Next Intelligence System

N. Tosa (USA) and R. Nakatsu (Japan)


Emotional Intelligence, Computing for information of Culture database, creative Intelligence Communication system


Generally, technology looks at the external value of an object. At a very deep level, however, laughter comes from the touch of living—decidedly an internal value. It is very difficult to fully comprehend this deep relationship. Our personal feeling is the key to grasping the phenomenon of laughter, which is not an issue of analysis or understanding but one of the mind’s spontaneity, such as the emergence of an idea or a burst of imagination. Laughter is an intelligence that emerges through sympathetic communications and, therefore, has great power. Recently, artificial intelligence research has focused too much on analysis and knowledge and, consequently, risks being capable of achieving only boring results. Genuine intelligence is not boring, so the intelligence we develop should not be boring. To meet this challenge, I have developed a comedy system that enables humans and computers to interact and create laughter.

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