An Internet-based Intelligent Learning Environment for Modeling the Process of Learning Common Fraction Operations

S.C. Kong and L.F. Kwok (PRC)


Common Fraction, Intelligent Learning Environments, KnowledgeBased Systems, Machine Learning, Proactive Guidance


The study aims to model the process of learning common fraction operations with the use of graphical support, knowledge-based systems and machine learning. An Internet-based Fraction-learning Intelligent Learning Environment (IFILE) with the use of a Graphical Partitioning Model (GPM) to facilitate learners’ understanding on fraction concepts was developed. The IFILE provides two pedagogical and three intelligent features to optimize the interaction opportunity: electronic blank sheet for exploration, graphical support for improved understanding, next step support for helping learners from impasse situation, alternative solutions for reflection and proactive guidance for fostering the production of cognitive residue. The IFILE was built with the incorporation of a model of learner’s knowledge for developing learning properties, which includes constructiveness, cumulativeness, self-regulatedness and reflectiveness.

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