Fuzzy Mode and Fuzzy Median in Applications to the Environmental Impact Assessment

Y.-M. Wu, S.-M. Chen, and B. Wu (Taiwan)


Fuzzy logic, EIA, common agreement, fuzzy mode, fuzzy median


In the research of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), how to make an appropriate policy which will be satisfied social common agreement is an important criterion. Statistical analysis via sampling survey is a powerful tool to know the people thought. Traditionally, we compute statistics with sample data by asking questionnaires according to the thinking of binary logic. But, this kind of response may lead to an unreasonable bias since the human thinking is full with fuzzy and uncertain. In this paper, we propose the definitions of fuzzy mode and fuzzy median, and present their related properties. Applications with fuzzy mode and fuzzy median in EIA are well illustrated. From the Empirical studies we can find that fuzzy statistics analysis is suitable and meaningful for the environmental science research. Finally certain recommendations for further research are suggested.

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