Power System Dynamic Stabilizer Design using Turning Grey Prediction PID Control

W.-S. Chang, C.-S. Lin, Y.-T. Hsiao, and T.L. Huang (Taiwan)


Power Systems Stability, Fuzzy, PID, Grey Prediction


This paper proposed a new approach to design the power system stabilizers (PSSs) by utilizing the Turning Grey Prediction PID Controller. The design of a PSS can be formulated as an optimal linear regulator control problem; however, implementing this technique requires the design of estimators. This increases the implementation and reduces the reliability of control system. To deal with this problem, we employ the Turning Grey Prediction PID Control to find control signal of each generator. The Grey Prediction adopts the forecasting information of the output state variables to control power system behavior, and the forecasting step size decided by Fuzzy systems. Then, due to their simple structrure and robust performace, the PID (proportional-integral derivative) controllers are most commonly used controllers in industrial process control. Hence, the proposed method integrates the grey system and the PID controller can reduce the oscillation and enhance the dynamic stability of the power system. Finally, the advantages of the proposed method are verified through a detailed simulation of a multimachine power system.

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