Finding Potential Human Communities from Personal Homepages

T. Nakada, T.B. Ho, and S. Kunifuji (Japan)


Data Mining, Web community, Personal Homepage, Potential Human Community


A potential human community is a group of people sharing some interest but do not yet know each other’s person. Assuming that personal homepages usually carry personal information, we have developed a new method that allows us to automatically find such communities from them. Potential human communities, once found, can be used for enhancing human activities; a potential human community can refer you a person having the same interest as yours, for example. A Web community, on the other hand, is a set of Web pages sharing some topic. While a lot of researches about information retrieval have focused on web communities themselves, we instead focused on pages that link to them. In other words, we assumed that a potential human community is group of personal homepages each of which has at least one hyperlink to one of the pages in a Web community. Our method constructs Web communities from hyperlinks and finds corresponding potential human communities. In our experiment, we found potential human communities and relations between them. Also, we found a potential key person in the intersection among multiple potential human communities who can realize interactions across them.

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