Flexible Query Modifiers for Research Support System Papits

N. Fujimaki, T. Ozono, and T. Shintani (Japan)


Information Retrieval, Thesaurus, Query Expansion


In this paper, we describe flexible query modifiers for effective research information retrieval in the research support system Papits. Since the existing queries that only combine “AND”, “OR” and selected keywords, the existing information retrieval systems can not retrieve flexibly, and users have to repeat requery. So we ex tend an existing query in such a way as to allow fewer requeries. For this purpose, we propose two kinds of query modifiers: semantic modifier and ranking modifier. The semantic modifier gives the role of the keyword in the query. The ranking modifier is ordering a result of retrieval. Users can create a flexible query to retrieve the relevance information by using the query modifier. Moreover, we propose a domain specified retrieval algorithm. We use this algorithm in order to retrieve by a query specified by the semantic modifier. In this paper we present the implementation and the evaluation of our method.

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